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Welcome to Lee Boudro’s Doll Boutique, the best place on the web for custom-made clothes for American Girl dolls. Our designer, Lee Boudro, has been sewing since she was in high school. Her three daughters and four granddaughters have given her plenty of opportunities to make clothing, pillows, toys, Halloween costumes and doll clothes. There are options for each of our handcrafted outfits, from color to trim to fabric design.

Have you ever seen a beautiful dress and thought, “Oh, I wish it were blue instead of pink”? Presto! Lee Boudro’s Doll Boutique will make it that way. Or, “If only that dress was a full-length gown instead.” Voila! Lee will do it for you. Perhaps there is an outfit you loved as a child. Wouldn’t it be great to have an outfit for your American Girl doll just like it? Send us a photo and we’ll match it as best we can. Maybe your daughter has a favorite outfit and you would love to give her one just like it for her American Girl doll. Send us a picture and we will make one as close as we can.

At Lee Boudro’s Doll Boutique, we are so certain that you will love the clothes we create that every one comes with a satisfaction or your money back guarantee. We can’t wait to get started on that one-of-a-kind outfit for you. Order or contact us today.